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We Make Building a New Home Easier.


Most On-Your-Lot home builders require you to perform many tasks during the home build.  We manage those for you.

We save you time, headache, and money.

We Manage Your Home Owner Responsibilities

Most “On-Your-Lot” home builders require that the homeowner handle permit submittal, interior/exterior paint, concrete sidewalks, drive, porch, and other items.  We secure the best pricing for you and we manage quality control, scheduling, and the process.

You Pay Our Wholesale Contractor Price

We have spent many years here in the Northwest in residential construction management which means we have lots of established sub-contractor relationships and pre-negotiated contractor labor & material pricing.  You receive that wholesale pricing.  

We Have Established Trade Relationships

Because of our established trade relationships and our experience, we understand exactly what it takes to find trade partners with the skill, experience, and work ethic to perform great work on your project.

We Manage The Entire Process

While your selected homebuilder is putting together the pieces needed to build your new home, we have your back on all the other stuff that needs to get done.  We manage that entire process.

Save Time, Stress, & Headache

You got better things to do than worry about trying to track down a good concrete finisher, or located a good site development contractor.  Ever submitted for building permits?  It can be a huge headache.  We do all this for you.

Save Money, Buy at Contractor Pricing

Many trade contractors make extra money when doing work directly with homeowners.  Because of our pre-negotiated contractor wholesale pricing, we extend this pricing to you.  We get quotes for you and you pay each invoice direct.



We manage your “Homeowner Responsibilities” so you don’t have to.


Leverage Our Experience

We have experience managing schedules saving you time, headache, and money.


We Have Established Relationships With:

  • Septic Designers & Installers
  • Well Drillers
  • Engineering
  • Excavators
  • Building Departments
  • Jobsite Sanitation Toilets
  • Utility Providers
  • Site Cleanup

On-Your-Lot Homebuilders Typically Require You To:

  • Utilities – Research and manage the process of getting utilities to your land
  • Site Development – Prepare your land and building site for construction, clearing, excavation, foundation dig, driveway build, staging area, etc.
  • Drainage & Stormwater – Install site drainage to insure proper water runoff and/or engineer stormwater management
  • Permit Submittal – Submit all paperwork to your local building department for your building permit
  • Sanitation – Schedule and deliver portable sanitation toilet
  • Site Cleanup & Dumping – Manage construction scrap cleanup and haul-away to waste management dump
  • Painting – Paint the interior and exterior of your home
  • Appliances – Most builders don’t include appliances.  You’ll have to purchase, schedule, and install your appliances at the proper time in the schedule
  • Insurance – Purchase insurance to cover materials that are not attached to the home
  • Concrete & Decks – Secure, hire, and schedule concrete sidewalk, porch, driveway and patio deck installers

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Managing Projects Over 18 years

Our founder has managed hundreds of residential construction projects since 1999

Client Testimonials

“We hired Front Door to manage the items our contractor didn’t include on our remodel addition.  My husband and I work full-time, so did great job managing everything we didn’t have time for.  Recommended!”



“We hired a General Contractor to build our home.  There we’re many items our builder simply didn’t offer and that we were responsible for.  Front Door got everything done for us, and got us great pricing along the way.”



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